Please plan your time according to the following guidelines as these will be strictly followed:

  • The time slot for each oral presentation is 10-12 minutes and 3-5 minutes for discussion. Total 15 minutes time slot.
  • Each presenter is required to upload the presentation at least 2 hours before the session starts. The confidentiality of your material will be maintained, with all files deleted from the computer at the conclusion of each session.
  • Personal laptops cannot be used for the presentations as this causes important delays.
  • Session moderators are instructed to rigorously enforce the schedule, i.e. to strictly obey the length of a presentation. We kindly ask you for your understanding and for your cooperation in keeping the schedule, as there will always be two parallel sessions.


Please follow these instructions carefully for preparation of your poster.  We will be unable to accommodate posters prepared in the wrong format:

  • The dimensions of your poster must be 90 cm wide x 100 cm
  • Poster layout should be in a VERTICAL
  • Material for mounting posters on the board will be provided in the poster
  • Posters should be hung by the DO NOT MAIL YOUR POSTER.
  • A Final Reference number will be assigned to your Authors will be notified of this information by email before the conference.
  • Posters will be displayed in the Exhibition Area.
  • Posters can be mounted from 16:00 on June 16th and can remain on display until the end of the All the posters should be removed by 17:00 on June 20th. All the remaining posters will be discarded by the Secretariat of the Conference.
  • Authors are encouraged to be present at their posters during the session